Top 3 best dentist in Dubai Business Bay

Top 3 best dentist in Dubai Business Bay

Dr. Deepa Nair Msc

iCare Clinic – Oasis Mall Al Quoz, Dubai

About the Doctor

Dr. Deepa Nair is a general dentist specialist. She did her graduation from AB Shetty Institute of Dental Sciences from India. In India, she obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery. She has extensive experience practicing general and cosmetic dentistry. she also worked before in several medical centers in India, Oman and United Arab Emirates.Education
Bachelor of Dental Surgery, A B Shetty Institute of Dental Sciences, IndiaSpecilization
Braces / Invisalign Removal Bridge Cavity Cosmetic Dentist ConsultationCosmetic Dentist Emergency

Crown CT Scan – Teeth (Dental Scan) Dental ConsultationDental Emergency Dental Follow Up Denture Repair Dentures Filling Lumineers Root CanalTeeth Cleaning Teeth Sensitivity Treatment Teeth Whitening Tooth Extraction Tooth pain/acheVeneer(s) Wisdom Tooth Problem.

Dr. Fariba NooryDDS

Al Qaser Al Dahabi Medical Center Al Wasl, Dubai

About the Doctor

Dr. Fariba Noory has been working in her own private clinic. She has been managed different cases in all specialties, including Cosmetic, Endodontic, Periodontics, Pediatric, Restorative and even surgical dentistry since 1999 up to present. She has specialized in Laser Dentistry. Moreover, Dr. Fariba has taught a Cosmetic Dentistry Course and used to be the Deputy Head of the International Academy for Medicine (IAM) from 2007 to 2010.

Dr. Fariba is a Licensed Dentist for PCI for Dental Stem Cells Storage Procedure.


D.D. S – Dentistry, AZAD University, Tehran, Iran

Specializing In

Bridge Cavity Cosmetic Dentist Consultation Cosmetic Dentist EmergencyCosmetic Dentist Follow Up

Crown CT Scan – Teeth (Dental Scan) Dental ConsultationDental Cyst Removal Dental Emergency Dental Follow Up Dental Implant(s) Dental JewelryDenture Repair Dentures Filling Inlay(s) Invisalign Lumineers Maxillofacial ConsultationNight Guard Onlay(s) Pediatric Dentistry Periodontal Surgery Root Canal Teeth CleaningTeeth Sensitivity Treatment Teeth Whitening TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) PainTooth Extraction Tooth pain/ache Veneer(s) Wisdom Tooth Problem.

Dr. Chandan Bagde 

iCare Clinic – MankhoolMankhool, Dubai

About the Doctor
Dr. Chandan Bagde is a consultant general Dentist. She has a lot of experience in providing treatment for dental problems and cosmetic dental procedures. She has been worked before in many hospitals including Sassoon Hospital. Dr. Badge is well experienced in dealing with mentally disabled and visually challenged children as well as providing many cosmetic dental and smile designing procedures including veneers, crowns, and bridges. Specializing In
Braces Bridge Cavity Cosmetic Dentist Consultation Cosmetic Dentist Follow Up

Crowne Scan – Teeth (Dental Scan) Dental Consultation Dental Emergency Dental Follow UpDenture Repair Dentures Filling Lumineers Maxillofacial Consultation Night Guard Oral BiopsyPediatric Dentistry Retainer Checkup Retainer Installation Root Canal Teeth CleaningTeeth Sensitivity Treatment Teeth Whitening Tooth Extraction Tooth pain/ache Veneer(s)Wisdom Tooth Problem


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