World’s top most popular festivals


Top 10 Largest festivals of the world: And also read which countries celebrate these festivals. We will study these type of festival today. As We all know India is a country of festivals, but there are many festivals around the world.These all festival is very interesting and wonderful in itself. We all should know about these festivals.

1. Rio de Janeiro Carnival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

People say that this carnival the world’s largest carnival. Here every day 2 lakh people take participation. Samba dance, superb flashes, and well-decorated parade are its glory. People started celebrating this festival in 1823. Sambha dance, Superb flashes, and well-decorated Parade will attract to you. We can say that these things are the glory of this festival.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

2. Chinese New Year (China)

Dragons, firecrackers, splendid colorful clothes, flowers, and lanterns make China’s biggest day. People also called it ‘spring festival’. According to China’s calendar, it is the longest running festival in the world. This festival runs approx a month.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

3. Mud Festival (South Korea)

A South Korean company which makes cosmetic products. It makes the cosmetic product from boriaang mud.But this company could not afford the advertisement of products.This is the reason behind organizing of this festival. Since then this festival celebrated every year continuously. If you do not want to play or you become bored with mud ponds, pools and slides then you have the option to choose dance, music, and fireworks in the mud.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

4. Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, Nawada, America)

This festival celebrated in the deserts of Nevada. Here every year 48,000 people gather to celebrate this festival. This is an annual event. In this annual event, people came to explore their art. In this festival, there is a tradition to lit a large wooden statue on Saturday night. This tradition is a symbol of art, open thoughts, and self-dependence.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

5. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival (Harbin, China)

Here people came from every corner of the country. Here people show the world’s sharpest statues and artwork made of ice. Every year folk make auspicious artwork from snow and design it with lights and lasers. It is really amazing to see it.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

6. White Night Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia)

This festival held in Russia. This festival organizes every year while midnight in sun season. Russian dancers, artist, singers be the part of this festival.Here classical ballet, opera, and many musical programs are the glories of this event. This is Russia’s biggest mass event. In this mass event, approx one million people participate. Here so many people come from abroad.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

7. Running off the bulls (Pamplona, Spain)

In Spain, it is a tradition to run in front of bulls. This is Spain’s biggest festival. In this festival, people leave a dozen of the bull group in front of the public. The information about bulls given through the rocket to the city. People injured coming in front of bulls but maximum people injured through falling on each other. Here approx 500 people get injured due to this festival.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

8. Holi (India)

This is India’s biggest festival. This festival celebrated because of mythological stories. Every year people celebrate this festival with many colors. They scatter colors on each other. This is the festival of dance, music, water, color, joy, and glee.

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Top 10 largest festivals of the world

9. Venice Carnival (Venice, Italy)

This carnival is approx 900 years old. This festival celebrated since then when there was no partition. Each and everyone was free to work according to themselves. This festival gives the new life to the masks.The whole country fulfills with bands, artist, and entertainers. This carnival gives the new life to the colorful boats. This day it looks like you are in the country of fairy.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world

10. Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)

This is the festival of Hitler’s country Germany. Octoberfest is the world’s biggest beer carnival and this festival celebrated every year in Munich. In this event approx 60 million people take participation. This day folk came from all over the world. This festival held just because of beer. This festival run approx 16 days. The 1-liter beer mug is the glory of this festival.

Top 10 largest festivals of the world



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