how to make microbots in real life

How to make microbots in real life: Chinese scientists have begun to try to make the tiny robots doctor who can help in the treatment. There are many such parts of the human body, where it is very difficult to reach. In such cases, treatment of any disease born in those parts becomes difficult. But now these robots will not only reach the inaccessible places of the body but will also detect the disease, but they will also help in the treatment as well. These little robots can be operated through a remote.

how to make microbots in real life

Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have prepared a bunch of such tiny robots, which, with the help of magnetic particles, will be helpful in identifying diseases by entering into the body. They will also work to deliver medicines to any particular cell. You will be surprised to know that these robots are as nimble as the blood cells in size.

How have these Tiny robots been made?

Researchers have created these robots with the creatures of moss (algae) found in water. Scientists rolled the tiny microbe of algae on these ninety robots, in which some magnetic particles were added. These robots can also be tracked by going inside the covered tissues inside the body. The natural glow of algae organisms helps to track these robots. It can also be reached to those tissues of the body, which usually do not get caught with the help of MRI.

How do these Tiny Robots work?

These robots are special because they recognize the chemical changes within the body due to the disease. In such a situation, dangerous diseases can be identified during the time.

How will it help in the treatment?

Scientists believe that these tiny robots are capable of injecting medicine by going into any part of the body. It can be very helpful in treating diseases like cancer because they attack cancer cells directly without harming healthy cells.


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