Syria civil war best article

Over three lakh people have died in the Syria:

Syria civil war: three lakh people have lost their lives in the Syria civil war also more than one crore people have been homeless. In 2011, a small incident took the form of the Civil War in Syria. These wars which started with the arrest of a handful of children. Also, it has become the world’s largest humanitarian crisis ever since the Second World War. Three lakh people have lost their lives. Therefore violent demonstrations and struggles started against the country’s President Bashar al-Assad. At the same time, more than one crore people have been homeless, Which is half of the population here.

Syria civil war

How did the war start:

It was February 2011, when the country was running for demonstrations against the Assad government in the whole country. Meanwhile, some children in Dara city were arrested and torched on the walls of the school for making photographs against Asad government on the walls. These children have tried to show that people want the coup to rule. The performance of people about this arrest increased and it took violent forms. The government ordered the shooters, which killed a lot of people.

Syria civil war

Free Syrian Army Formation:

July 2011, a group of Syrian army officers had formed the Free Syrian Army.This had been done to leave the army to raise voice against the government. Thousands of jawans had left the army firing on protesters and took an oath to launch a guerrilla war against the Assad army. Three months later, a handful of opposition groups formed the Syrian National Council to overthrow the government. Here, the appeal to stop the violence in western countries has proved to be ineffective in Syria.

Increase the influence of Islamic groups in the rebels:

While December 2011 to 2012, there were cases of suicide bomb blasts everywhere. After this, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri appealed to the Syrians to come forward for jihad. The effect was that thousands of such rebels started joining different militant outfits including Jabt al-Nusra. The UN demanded a siege fire to prevent violence, but this could not be possible. The UN blamed Syria for violence against humanity. Most of the people started leaving home due to the violence. As a result in July 2012, thousands of Syrian refugees opened jatara Refugee camps in Jordan.

Syria civil war best article

US intervention in the Syria conflict:

US President Barack Obama first announced Syria’s Red Line in August 2012. He had warned not to use chemical Weapon on people of the country. Meanwhile, in February 2013, the US promised to help the rebels. He told the Syrian rebels to help with medicine and food. Over 60 thousand people had lost their lives in these two years of struggle. Millions of people had left the country.



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