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The largest red light area in India: Body trade still stigma on the physical freedom of women in the whole world. In a country like India where the woman is considered as a goddess to be worship. No women want to do these type of business but sometimes their situation forces them to do this. Whereas sometimes they do this forcefully. And sometimes they are the victim of fraud. Although prostitution is legal under the peta act 1956. In 1986, many conditions were added by amending it, in which public sex was considered a crime, and even in this there was a provision of punishment, but it is ironic that misfortune. Even today, there are many such areas in the country, where girls are doing work as a sex-worker forcefully.

India’s 10 Red Light Areas, which are popular not only in Asia but also in the whole world.

1. Sonagachi, Kolkata:

Sonagachi, the largest metropolis in the eastern part of the country. It is considered as Asia’s largest redlight area. According to estimates, there are many multi-story buildings, where about 11 thousand prostitutes are involved in the body trade. Women belonging to prostitution have been given a regular license in the area located in Chittaranjan Avenue, near Shobha Bazar, North Kolkata. Here, this business runs a variety of groups, which are called gangs in a way. According to an estimate, about 12 thousand girls under the age of 18 are involved in sex business in this slum.

red light area in delhi price

2. GB Road, Delhi:

The full name of GB Road in the capital city is Garstein Bastin Road. This capital is Delhi’s largest red light area. Although its real name is Swami Shrishnanand Marg. The name of GB road has been changed in 1965. This area also has its history. People say that here in the Mughal period, there were five red lite areas. While British rule these five areas were put together. They took the name these five areas GB road. According to experts, the biggest business in the country is a business of these type of business. And here a large number of girls from Nepal and Bangladesh. There are currently many cabins in the same room, where many customers are serving together.

red light area in delhi price

3. Kamatipura, Mumbai:

The City of Fashion, Films and Business Mayanagari is a famous area in Mumbai’s most prominent Redlight area. It is Asia’s oldest red light area. The history of this area begins with the construction of Bombay in 1795. People say that Andhra Women started the business of body trade in 1880. At that time this area was ruled by British. According to an estimate, there is a family of about 2 lakhs sex workers, which is the largest in Central Asia.

red light area in delhi price

4. Wednesday, Peth, Pune:

Wednesday’s Peth Place of Pune is also one of the Famous Redlight Area of the country. The maximum number of girls come from Nepal.
red light area in delhi price

5. Gwalior, Reshampura:

Reshmpura is a large red light area in Gwalior, on a regular basis in Sindhiya family of Madhya Pradesh. There are models, college girls with foreign girls for body trade here. Here are some ways to open the office for college. Booking of call girls takes place on the basis of order on the social networking sites and mobile. They give all the information about the location of delivery on email or mobile. Call girls come on the basis of contract or on the salary.

red light area in delhi price

6. Ganga-Jamuna, Nagpur:

The subdivision of Maharashtra is Ganges-Jamuna area in the Itvari region in Nagpur, where prostitution is going on. This area is famous for whole trade in Nagpur. The special thing is that it is also a place of many types of crimes.

red light area in delhi price

7. Mirganj, Allahabad:

Allahabad is very popular throughout India as the Prayagraj pilgrimage. Here you will found Triveni of Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati. But here in the market square in Mirganj area, history is a redlight area, which is about 150 years old. Here you will see the prostitute in the closed streets covered with old buildings. women stand outside the house in a good dress, they call visitors to come with them. This is the Redlight area here. According to the information, where the first used to go here and the old chieftains used to visit Mujra. There is an illegal body trade here. Ever since the center of education in the whole country, Allahabad is also famous for the mirganj, which is the birthplace of our first PM.

red light area in delhi price

8. Shivdaspur, Varanasi:

One of the ancient cities of the world, Varanasi is one of the most sacred shrines of Hindus, but here the history of body trade also appears in many old streets. Here the areas like Dalmandi and Shivdaspur are the oldest business centers of the year. Shivadaspur has located approximately 3 kilometers away from Varanasi railway station and is famous as the Redlight area here. It is one of the largest redlight areas of UP in a way. Similarly, the Dalmandi area here is still going on even after various types of legal restrictions. In the narrow street, girls stand outside the house in the traditional way.

red light area in delhi price

9. Chaturbhuj place, Muzaffarpur:

Muzaffarpur area of Bihar is one of the major redlight areas of the state. This is the largest redlight area in northern Bihar.

red light area in delhi price

10. Meerut Kabadi Bazar:

The Kabadi market located in the big city of Meerut, Western UP is a very old Red Light area. It is here that the British traded from the age of British. Here are the most Nepali girls in the trade.

red light area in delhi price


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