holi festival information 2019

Holi Festival 2019:

Holi Festival 2019: Holi is a very popular and delightful festival of India. Folk play Holi with luncheon and gulal. People celebrate this festival at the beginning of March every year. Folks believe that the colorful colors of Holi are symbols of energy, vibrancy, and happiness.

holi festival information 2019
People Celebrating Holi


  • The story of Holika Dahan:

According to a legend linked to Prahlad, the festival of Holi had just begun. Prahlad was a child devoted to God, but his father did not obey God. He was very proud (arrogant) and cruel king. So the story goes forth in such a way that Prahlad’s father was an atheist, and his son used to chant the name of God at all times. By doing this, he wanted to teach his son a lesson. He made all efforts to explain to his son, but there was no change in Prahlad. When he, Prahlad could not change, they thought of killing him. So he took the help of one of his sisters. His sister had received this boon that if she would take anybody in her lap and enter the fire, she would not have anything to herself, but the person sitting in her lap would be consumed.

The name of the king’s sister was Holika. Holika put her in her lap to burn Prahlad, but instead of Prahlad she got burnt herself and because of chanting “Hari” and being devoted to God, she was protected from the fire of Prahlada and she came out safely.

  • People’s Faith:

In some villages, people pass through coals and they do not have anything, they do not even have blisters/blisters on their feet! Faith has great power. Faith in life is a big contributor. The effect of Holika combustion on the coming monsoon.

Holika is an indicator of the burden of the past which wanted to burn Prahlada’s ambiguity. But Prahlad, connected with Narayana Devotion, deeply swallowed all past rituals and then emerged with new colors. Life becomes a celebration. Except for the past, we grow towards a new beginning. Our emotions burn us like a fire, but when the fountain of colors grows then attraction in our life comes. Emotions are like a burden in ignorance, whereas the same emotions in knowledge fill color in life. All emotions are related to one color, such as – red color, anger, green jealousy, yellowishness or happiness, from pink love, blue color with vastness, white peace, and with saffron satisfaction/renunciation and purple knowledge Is connected.

holi festival information 2019
Kid’s Favourite Holi
  • Why People celebrate Holi and what it teaches?

Life should be full of colors! Each color is made for a look and enjoy separately. If all the colors are mixed together then they all look black. All colors should be different from red, yellow, green etc. But at the same time, we should also enjoy their happiness together. In the same way, the roles played by the person in life should be present separately in it peacefully and separately. For example, if a person starts playing his “father” role in the office, then God is the master. But sometimes in our country, leaders think first by becoming fathers and later becoming leaders.

  • Lessons to learn:

The origin of all the colors is white, but when mixing all these colors together they become converted into the black. When our mind is bright and conscious, pure, calm, happy and meditative, different colors and roles are born. We actually get the power to play all our roles. We need to dip in our consciousness repeatedly. If we only look outside and play with the outer colors around us, then we should be the force to get dark around us. In order to play all our roles with complete loyalty and sincerity, we have to take a deeper relaxation in the roles. One of the biggest factors in obstructing deep relaxation is desired. Desires signify stress. Even small/trivial desire gives great stress. Big goals often give less anxiety! Many times desires also torment the mind.

The only way is to take care of desires and dedicate them to them. Being aware of desires or actions or taking meditation is called “Kamakshi”. Goddess “Kamakshi” has kept a cane in one hand and one flower in another. Sugarcane is very hard and should be squeezed to get its sweetness. While the flower is soft and it is very easy to extract juice. In fact, this happens even in life.

  • The story of Holi:

The word ‘Puran’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘purna’, which means ‘new in the city’. There is a way to present the myths/facts in a new way. This is a class full of colorful narrative stories. These stories seem to be imaginary on the surface, but in reality, there is a very subtle truth. An asura king Hiranyakashyap wanted all to worship him. But his own son ‘Prahlaad’ was the ultimate devote of Lord Raja’s grim enemy Lord Narayana.

holi festival information 2019
Animated Image

This angry King wanted freedom from Prahlad with the help of his sister Holika. After getting the power to burn in the fire, Holika Prahlad took her in her lap and sat in a burning fire. But in this fire, Holika herself get burn and Prahlad gets out of the fire right out of the fire. Here Hiranyakashyap is a symbol of evil and Prahalad is the absolute, unshakable, faith and joy. Hiranyakaship wanted all the pleasure from the physical world, but it did not happen. It is natural to finally move towards your higher self, ie Narayana.



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