highest paid jobs in india for freshers

Top 7 highest paid jobs in India for freshers: Talking about the job, there is nothing better than a government job. Apart from Job securities, there are different perks and benefits available, as well as pension after retirement. But there are many types of government jobs available in our country. So in which field would you like to work? So if you are confused with this thing, then we can do a bit of help in removing confusion. These are the top 5 government jobs in the country, with whom you can dream of a better future.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS):

There are no two opinions in the opinion of an IAS officer, along with great salaries, perks, facilities, as well as respect. Talking about the country’s top 10 government jobs, it will start from the IAS itself. After the 7th Pay Commission is implemented, the admission service officer earns from 50 thousand (DM, SDM) to 2.5 million (Cabinet Secretary level) up to Rs. At the same time, they get the benefit of government residence, vehicle and Lifetime Pension.

Public Sector Undertakings (PSU):

Government companies like Coal India Limited or Indian Oil Corporation, have a great option. According to the Business Standard news, Coal India gives a package of 10-8 lakh rupees annually to its employees. At the same time, employees get the benefit of accommodation, medical and many other government facilities.


in the country also have good salaries of scientists. Under this job, initial job seekers earn an average salary of 60 thousand rupees per month in S & Sd grades. Along with this, they also receive various types of allowances. While staying in different cities, they get rent allowance in the same way. As the levels and experience increase, salaries continue to increase from time to time.


salaries in government hospitals are more than those who work in other government sectors. New doctors doing an internship in this profession also get 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month. While a senior doctor receives Rs 50 thousand to 90 thousand rupees per month. This job also increases the experience and posture as well as increase salaries.


In the defense sector, the job offers you good pay and benefits as well. Senior officers in the Defense Sector get the salary of 50 to 60 thousand rupees. Other than salaries, they get a good grade pay and many other facilities are also available.

Government Bank:

One of the best jobs in the country is considered as a job in the banking sector and if the job is from the government bank then its fun is different. Job securities and pensions are also available, along with good salary and holidays. Bank manager level executives can earn between two and a half lakh to 10 lakh rupees annually. Clerical level executives can earn more than Rs 3 lakh annually.

University Teacher:

Teaching Profession is considered one of the best government jobs. Teachers from the school to the university not only get good salaries, but they get the benefit of many facilities.


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