endometriosis treat naturally

Endometriosis treat naturally: Today, a large number of young women in the world are battling endometriosis. And this is also the main reason for stomach pain and pregnancy problems in women of 25-30 years. When this problem occurs, the tissues that cover the embryo (endometrium) begin to grow on unusual places like ovaries or uterus. During periods seem to be stored in Ovrij blood clots deep and are pelvic and are nearby plus blood stains, which sticks in the bowel, tubes, and Ovrij themselves. It can be dangerous because it damages tubes and ovaries, which can cause infertility. In the absence of timely treatment, pelvic inflammation comes in.

What is Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a problem in the uterus. In which the layer inside the uterus is formed from endometrium tissue. Endometrium tissue that forms the internal layer of the uterus, increases abnormal growth and starts spreading out of the uterus. Sometimes the layer of endometrium spreads to the ovaries, intestines and other reproductive organs except for the outer layers of the uterus. Which is called endometriosis. Due to the increased endometrium layer, the effect of the reproductive organs such as fallopian tubes, ovaries begin to affect. Endometriosis is also the cause of more bleeding and pain during periods in women. Due to this, women have to face heavy problems, the other can also become the cause of infertility. This problem is not due to an external infection, due to lack of internal body system.

endometriosis treat naturally

The problem of endometriosis is associated with periods. Uncommonly increased endometrial tissue does its job normally and after each period the tissue layer breaks down. Bleeding is due to the breakdown of these layers. Because the blood released from the breakdown of this layer in the other parts other than the uterus does not come out, so the limbs along the wound along with the wound begin to connect. This condition is very painful and the bleeding is very high. Apart from this, spreading to the ovaries of endometriosis becomes Cyst on that part too.


Symptoms of endometriosis

  • Its primary symptoms include fast pelvic pain during periods. Some women have muscle strain problems. By which this pain is greater than the pain in periods and pain over time increases even faster over time. Apart from this, the symptoms of endometriosis include all this.
  • Before the periods, muscle stability and pain may start, which persists even after periods and completely grip the lower part of the body. In such a situation, there is a problem in stool or urination.
  • During the investigation of infertility, many women find endometriosis.
    It is common for endometriosis to develop during sex, or later pain.
  • Bleeding between very bleeding periods or 2 periods.
  • In addition to fatigue, constipation, dizziness, and nausea, especially during periods, there are other symptoms of this problem.
  • The pain of the body’s reproductive organs should not be considered as the symptoms of endometriosis.
  • In the initial phase of this problem, some women felt severe pain, even though the women with endometriosis suffered less when despite the serious problem of the problem.
  • Sometimes endometriosis is considered to be caused by other diseases of reproductive organs such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ovarian Syst, or Irrelevant Bowl Syndrome, so before getting any conclusions, do the doctor get tested.

Reasons for Endometriosis

  • The layer of reproductive organs and cavities is made from embryonic cells. When a small part of that layer turns into an endometrial tissue then there is a problem of endometriosis.
  • Bleeding during periods is due to the breakdown of the layer of endometrial tissue. But if the blood starts to accumulate in the pelvic kavita from the egg tube rather than exiting the body, then that condition is called the strutor in the retrograde.
  • Endometrial cells can be added to the wounds after surgery such as hysterectomy, c-section.
  • Blood cells or tissue fluids can also be formed due to the spread of endometrial cells in other parts of the body.
  • By having a problem in the immune system, the body starts destroying the endometrial tissue that is moving out of the uterus as an external element.
  • Drugs are taken for any other disease, which interfere with the period or the previous pelvic infection, genetic factors and urinary problems also increase the risk of endometriosis.
  • At the time of conception, temporarily and after menopause, the problem of endometriosis is always eliminated. After menopause, if you take estrogen or any other types of hormonal therapy, then there is a possibility of endometriosis problems.

Endometriosis treatment

The problem of endometriosis can be detected by case history, test, and sonography. Sometimes, with the help of laparoscopy, this disease is also detected and treated at the same time. For this, by cutting 2-3 small cuts on the stomach, with the help of the camera and other equipment. It is removed from pelvic under endometriotic parts or burnt with the help of the laser. However, after the surgery, it is expected to emerge again and some patients require multiple surgeries.

endometriosis treat naturally


Medical treatment can prevent endometriosis from artificial menopause. For this, hormonal medications or injections in the month are quite large. Although this is not a cure and may have side effects. Apart from this, the young patients with the problem of Endometriosis want a child, so for this special treatment like IUI and IVF is present. If the patient is older and many surgeries have been done, then hysterectomy is the best treatment by removing the uterus and ovaries.









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