Elon musk successful life story

Elon mask childhood

Elon musk successful life story: Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria city of South Africa, his father was an engineer and mother was a model. When Elon was 9 years old Then his parents divorced and Elon Started living with his father in Pretoria. He had two younger brothers and sister whom his father did not pay attention at all.

Elon musk successful life story

Elon was a  shy boy and he liked to read books at the age of 10.He had read all those books which did not even study college students. Whereas at the age of 12 Elon had been made the last r game. Elon made last r game with the help of the programming language books which were in his home.

Last r game made in Basic Language was Develop by him and he sold the game for $ 500 to a company. He filled his school fees with this money in his school.

In his school, some bad boys misbehave with him. Once those bad boys attacked Elon so much that he became unconscious and after that he threw Elon down the stairs, he was admitted to the hospital and after many days his mind came After this incident, Elon still suffers from breathing, according to which at 17 years of age, he completed high school in South Africa.

Elon musk successful life story

After this, he moved to Canada with his mother and got the Canadian citizenship. Here he received a degree in Economics from Bachelor degree Physics from the University of Pennsylvania and from the Warden School of Business. To complete the shortfall of money, Elon has made many small jobs in Canada.


After doing his Ph.D. in Physics in 1995, he shifted from Canada to the USA and enrolled at Stanford University, as soon as he arrived, he realized the Internet boom and in 2 days Only took a dropout from Ph.D. and all the attention was taken on the internet. In 1995, Elon Musk and his brother Kimmb Musk received a patent from his father and made an online software company zip 2.

Elon musk successful life story
elon musk family

Zip 2 worked as a city guide for online newspaper industries.  Elon and his brother sold Zip 2 to the famous personal computer company Compac for $ 307 million. Elon got 7% 0f this money which is approx 22 million dollar. At that time there is something new running in the Elon musk mind.

His success and failure:

He created the x.com website from this money, which changed its name to PayPal. In July 2002 ebay.com bought for $ 1.5 billion, of which Elon Musk received 165 million dollars but he was not satisfied with this so much. He changed the lifestyle of payment industry but now he wanted to do work on human life.

Elon musk successful life story

He had kept such thinking in his Visually mind that people often used to say that he had gone crazy, they put all their money in Vereas Company and went to Los Angeles to stay in rented accommodation in 2002. From the money that came, he made a company space x, which was a private company whose initial goal was made houses on the Mars. He did not take any degree, but he had read so many books of Aeronautics at home and collected so much knowledge that he made his own personal space x so many projects on such a large project needed a lot of money and technology.

So he planned to earn money by sending the satellite to the Earth’s orbit, but for this, he did not have the technic of making rockets, he went to Russia to buy rockets, where he saw the price of rockets is too much, to reach the satellite orbit is very expensive.He had taken a bold step to build his own rocket in the USA, which till now no private company had ever taken.

He made his own rocket from his own technology and one after the other, the rockets could not reach the space three times after one of the preparations to send his rocket to space, and these three failed attempts stood Elon to the brink of financially poor In such a way, After this he jumped into his little effort.

Because of which many people called him crazy but this Genius improved his said mistakes and transformed his failure into success. From his success, the space industry got disturbed by how a man who never studied rocket science and that he started launching the satellite in space.

The space company has now become a space transport, which takes NASA Space agency’s equipment cargo and satellite orbit to a lesser expense.

Tesla CEO

Nicola Tesla had thought of wireless electricity, after which Elon had never turned behind. Elon had invested in Tesla Motors Company in 2004, which was making an electronic car based on Tesla Koyal.

With his vision and talent, Elon became the CEO of Tesla Motors’. Tesla motors future has a bright future because Elon had already steam that the time to come is an electronics car.

But Elon did not stop even after he placed the foundation of another company, Solar City. This is the second largest Solar company in the USA. After this, he started a project HyperLoop. This is a public transportation project.

In which people will be able to sit at ground level at a speed of more than 1, 000 Kms. This is the first of its kind, built on the vacuum and magnetic energy, which is currently in the trial period which. When it is completed, it becomes the world’s fastest transport system at ground level. Which will be more than the bullet train.

Square Magazine included Elon Musk in the Top 75 Influential People of the 21st Century and 2013 Fortune Magazine has honored Business Person of the Year.




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