best regiment in indian army

15 Best regiment in Indian army: India Army is the biggest part of the Indian Armed Forces. Indian Army has numerous regiments in the ground-based power. It is the piece of the Indian Armed Forces. It was established 125 years back before 1948 it was controlled by the British Indian Army boss.

After freedom, it at long last turned into the national armed force. The units and regiments made numerous narratives and have taken an interest in various fights when Independence.

Indian Army has the proverb to guarantee national security and national solidarity. It safeguarding the country from outside animosity and inner dangers. It is used to keeping up peace and security inside its fringes. Here we are showing the rundown of the best regiment in Indian Army. Every Indian Should be proud of about Indian army.

Madras Regiment

best regiment in indian army

The foundation of the Madras Regiment was laid before the Indian Army came into existence. However, it is a matter of fact that at that time it had some different name and it did not come under the army. First of all, when the Madras Regiment came into light, its name was ‘Madras European Regiment’.

Sikh Regiment

best regiment in indian army

The Sikh Regiment was established by the British on August 1, 1846. The regiment proceeds with its 19 contingents, with a trademark of ‘Win Yourself’. The regiment delighted in the accomplishment on essential fronts amid British India and after its autonomy, has demonstrated its boldness in each skirmish of the nation. At the season of Kargil war Tigers were caught by the Sikh Regiment. The Sikh Regiment was set up by the British. This Regiment is the second Largets and a Powerfull regiment of the Indian army.

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Rajput Regiment

best regiment in indian army

This regiment was made by the British in 1778. In the two world wars, this regiment had battled in the interest of the British. This regiment had shown its valor in the Indo-China war. In 1971, Pakistani warriors used to fear from this regiment. Here we have to understand that The Rajput Regiment and Rajputana Rifles are two different regiments of the Indian Army. While World War II, the Rajput Regiment had 50% Muslims, most of whom left after the Partition. All of the battalions of Rajput Regiment except the sixth, 10th Battalion, fought in World War II.

The Garhwal Rifles

best regiment in indian army

After the independence, when Uttarakhand had also come under the authority of the British government, then a regiment of different Garhwalis was proposed to be created and after this, on 5 May 1887 the battalion was formed in Almora sent the battalion to the hill called Kalodanda. Later this hill was named Lansdowne. In 1890 When 2 battalion was sent to Burma in this battalion, Garhwali and Gorkha Senik were given the name Garhwal Rifles because of the very good performance of the fortresses in the war in Burma. This is also a very Powerful Regiment of the Indian army.

Mechanised Infantry Regiment

best regiment in indian army

Mechanised Infantry Regiment was founded in 1979. The slogan of this Regiment is Bolo Bharat Mata Ki Jai (Victory to Mother India). The motto of this Regiment is Valour & faith. Regimental Center of this Regiment is Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Regimental Insignia of this Regiment is  A rifle bayonet mounted on a BMP-1, depicting the infantry and mechanised facets of the Regiment. War slogan of this regiment is Bolo Bharat Mata ki Jai (Victory to Mother India). It is a branch of Indian Army. Also known as the brigade of guards.

Punjab Regiment

best regiment in indian army

Punjab Regiment is the most established regiment of India. It was divided at the time of Indo-Pak sharing. Whose initial segment was Pakistan and the other piece of India. The Punjab Regiment has been very dynamic in peace programs abroad. The jury of this regiment has been seen in ‘Longwala’, which dashed the Pakistani armed force. 122 officers of this regiment were court-military because of the revolt that occurred amid Operation Bluestar. This occurrence was the greatest episode ever of Indian Army.

Naga Regiment

best regiment in indian army

It is the nation’s new regiment Naga Regiment. This foundation was done in 1970. Promptly after the foundation, Bangladesh took an interest in the freedom war. The regiment took charge in the Drass division amid the Kargil war. This regiment additionally gets many war respects.

Gorkha Rifles

best regiment in indian army

Pakistan is verged on one side of India, on the opposite side, China’s fringe! There can be no interruption with the neighboring nation’s limits or the adversary’s answer can be replied amid the war, so officers in the Indian Army are readied who can demonstrate effective on each front of the war.
Gorkha troopers are instead of these warriors, there are no two sentiments in this issue!
Previous Chief of the Army Staff ‘Sam Maneksha’ had said that “if a man says that he isn’t anxious about death or he is lying or he is Gorkha”. This is a similar Sage Moneksha which was driving the Indian Army amid the India-Pakistan war in 1971. He himself was likewise from Gurkha Regiment.
The Gurkha regiment, which is thought to be extremely forceful in the Indian Army’s regiment, has a period for adversaries. Tell us an insight about this perilous regiment of India.

Kumaon Regiment

best regiment in indian army

The Kumaon Regiment is one of the two regiments named after the two locales of Uttarakhand – the other being Garhwal Rifles
It was brought up in 1813 and was, along these lines, the main Indian Army regiment brought up in the nineteenth century.

The Grenadiers

best regiment in indian army

The Grenadiers is the most decorated regiment of the Indian Army post-Independence.
At the point when France started enrolling Grenadiers at some point in the seventeenth century, they went for the most intensely assembled men equipped for flinging explosives to incredible separations. That component remained a staple personality of grenadiers everywhere throughout the world. Grenadiers, regardless of whether in India or somewhere else, have the notoriety of being fearsome warriors who are endowed with devastating for fortresses. Despite the fact that heaving explosives isn’t a strength held to The Grenadiers any longer, the principal assignment of the ambush on the foe remains the center obligation.

Regiment of Artillery

best regiment in indian army

The Regiment of Artillery is an operational arm of the Indian Army. Once in the past piece of Royal Indian Artillery of British Indian Army which itself follows its starting points to the arrangement of Bombay Artillery in 1827.
The main motto of this Regiment is  Sarvatra Izzat-o-Iqbal (Everywhere with Honour and Glory).
It was founded in 1827. Headquarters of this regiment is in Nashik. 

Sikkim Scouts

best regiment in indian army

Sikkim Scouts is the most youthful regiment in Indian Army. The troopers of this regiment are particularly devoted yet they have the capacities for the mountain fighting really. The troopers of this regiment are exceptionally youthful. The regiment itself is exceptionally youthful really. That is the reason this regiment isn’t so embellished yet. Be that as it may, every single officer of Sikkim Scouts is valiant and totally devoted to their work – to our homeland darling India rather.

Mahar Regiments

best regiment in indian army

The Mahar Regiment is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army. In spite of the fact that it was initially proposed to be a regiment comprising of troops from the Mahar people group of Maharashtra, the Mahar Regiment is one of the main regiments in the Indian Army that is made out of troops from all networks and districts of India.


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